Quake Gun cleaning trap

Do you make a stiky, oily mess every time you clean your firearms? Well, you are not alone. Stay out of sticky and oiley messes with the SPLATTER BOX™ Gun Cleaning Trap.Insert the barrel and tighten the cinch strap. We suggest placing a paper towel in the box to absorb chemicals for even better results. Begin cleaning. When you are finished, throw away the paper towel and you’re done!

An essential addition to cleaning equipment used by all discriminating shooters or at las the messy, married ones.

Constructed of chemically resistant compounds, the SPLATTER BOX™ accommodates rifles and either single or double-barrel over-and-under or side-by-side shotguns. Simply adjust the barrel insert for your desired firearm.


The SPLATTER BOX TM IS NOT diesigned for use with lever actions, fintlock muzzleloaders or other frearms that do not allow cleaning through the breech mechanism.

As with all temporary chemical containers, the SPLATTER BOX TM should be emptied and cleaned inmediately upon completion of the gun cleaning process. Dipose of all toxic and/or flammable chemicals properly.

  •  Reduces odors and chemicals released into the air you inhale
  • Eliminates dificult and expresive to clean chemical splatters
  • Wil not mar firearm's barrel finish
  • Easy to attach with emptying and cleanhihng
  • Compact, portable and easy to store



Item number Description
41000-3 Splatter box


Quake Gun cleaning trap

Quake Gun cleaning trap