Since the inception of the company as a manufacturer of muzzleloaders in 1969 its main goal has been to produce rifles with the utmost precision and quality. As the barrel of the gun is a key element, in 2004 Bergara specializes in manufacturing fine barrels with the latest technology.

Manufacturing process

  1. Straightening of the barrels

    The first step to a Bergara barrel starts with a cylindrical bar, checking and straightening each barrel to a deviation of less than 0.10mm. The analysis of this aspect is important for its influence in the grouping.

  2. Deep hole drilling

    Once the steel bar is straightened, it moves on to the deep hole drilling process.

  3. Barrel Honing

    Most barrel makers go from deep home drilling to reaming and then on to rifling. The reaming process leaves tool marks that are 90 degrees to the rifling. Bergara incorporates the honing process. These honing spindles utilize dimanond-tipped bits that polish the barrel's interior surface to a mirror-like finish with a uniformity of the bore which does not vary more than 0.002mm for the entire length of the barrel.

  4. Button rifling - Stress Relieving

    The rifling process is performed by button or olive method, that means a cold rolling of the inner of the barrel. The barrel copies the shape of the button meanwhile it is drawn through the barrel, creating by this way the appropriate lands and grooves at the required twist rate for each caliber. Then it goes on to the stress relieving of the steel.